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Supreme Outdoor Services can help you with a beautiful, healthy lawn season after season.  Our program consists of using a CERTIFIED ECO-CHOICE FERTILIZER Application of One Ap Spread It & Forget It turf fertilizer with crabgrass pre-emergent.  Broadleaf Weed control is applied during the spring and fall to control those unsightly weeds such as dandelions. 

Other Services Available:

Crabgrass Post-Emergent Control.
  Typical crabgrass pre-emergent control lasts about 3-5 months with about 60%-80% control. If you notice a breakout in crabgrass during mid to late summer, give us a call for a free estimate for post-emergent control application. 

Creeping Charlie Control.  Have a problem with creeping charlie?  Let us get it under control.  Give us a call for a free estimate. 

Grub Control.  
Grub infestations can destroy the roots of turf creating unsightly dead spots in your lawn.  Problems are typically noticed after the damage is already done.  Let us get it under control before its too late.  Give us a call for a free estimate. 

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for greener turf all season long

Get great looking turf all season long from just ONE fertilizer application.

Now customers have a smarter choice in how they fertilizer their lawn:

Spread It & Forget It, one-application granular fertilizer.

Spread it & Forget It is a new, advanced, high-efficiency fertilizer that is DRIVEN BY DURATION CRControlled-Release Fertilizer. It is formulated to effectively feed lawns or professional turf for six months or more. In many parts of the country, that means you get a full growing season’s worth of green, healthy turf with just ONE application!


How it works.


The key to the steady nutrient release of Spread It & Forget It is an innovative micro-thin polymer coating on the DURATION CR Controlled-Release Fertilizer granules. Water passes through this polymer membrane and dissolves the nutrients inside. When activated by temperature, the dissolved nutrients pass through the membrane straight to the root zone, all at a controlled, predictable rate. That steady, long-lasting release enables one application of Spread It & Forget It to continually and consistently meet turf’s nutrient demands for six months or longer.  Because the nutrient release depends on temperature, it is not’t affected by rainfall or irrigation. There’s no need to worry about growth flushes or nitrogen runoff from excessive moisture.  You get beautiful, green turf, without the typical peaks and valleys of growth associated with standard fertilizer programs.  Plus, fewer unsightly clippings to deal with, which is great news when it comes to mowing, no matter who handles it, you or your lawn service provider. As you know, multiple applications have a higher risk of excess nitrogen leaching into the environment and more exposure to pets and kids.   Controlled-release Spread It & Forget It one application fertilizer releases nutrients so efficiently, you will effectively deliver more fertilizer directly to the turf roots with less threat of nitrogen runoff and groundwater contamination. It’s common for customers to fertilize four to six times a year, but by using Spread It & Forget It, you will get a beautiful, green, healthy turf, and help protect the environment with just ONE application. 


Do more with less.
Add up the benefits of a single, long-lasting fertilizer application.

Less nitrogen

Spread it & Forget it uses up to 40% less total nitrogen per year, because just one application of two to three pounds of
N per 1,000 square feet is all you need to keep turf lush, green and healthy for six months or longer.

Less clippings •••

The exclusive controlled release of Spread it & Forget it eliminates growth flushes like you get from ordinary fertilizers
that release nitrogen suddenly. Without those "peaks and valleys" of surge growth, you spend less time and fuel on
mowing and disposal of clippings.

Less Exposure •••

Safer for family and pets.  Because there is only one application of fertilizer applied, there is less exposure to children
and pets creating a safer environment all season long.

More environmentally friendly •••

The advanced generation, polymer coating gradually meters nutrients directly to the turf, which minimizes potential
losses to the environment, atmosphere or groundwater.


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